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      Silvertown Carpet Cleaners is a cleaning business that believes in doing quality work. I have found that this company is a domestic cleaning service that lives up to its self proclaimed standards of excellence. They work quickly and do it well. I highly recommend, the prices are competitive and the overall work above standard.
Danni Oakes11/09/2018
     My wife and I use nothing but SilvertownCarpetCleaners when we are away from home. Brilliant carpet cleaning service!
M. Porter25/04/2017
     I can't be bothered to waste my weekend cleaning my home which is why I use Silvertown Cleaning Firm. Their cleaning teams are so low cost that it makes sense to get them to take the weight off my shoulders.
Francesca D. 14/07/2015
     I have recently recovered from a long illness and my doctor recommended me bed rest. I didn't know what to do as my house felt so dirty to me. I spoke to my sister about it and she referred me to Carpet Cleaning Company Silvert which helped me with all my cleaning woes. The cleaner left the place totally sparkling and I was amazed at the service. The cleaners at this place are absolutely amazing.
     I only called SilvertownCarpetCleaners to hire a cleaner on a one-off basis, but both my husband and I were so impressed that we've decided to hire one regularly! We were throwing a party and we wanted the house to look spotless, but with so many things to organise we decided we'd be best off with professional help. The cleaners arrived when they were supposed to, and had all of the top-end equipment that we'd been hoping for! Our house looked amazing when they'd finished, and all of our guests commented on how great everything looked! This is a flawless service - will use again!

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